An Overview of the H Frame Sign Stake by Western Steel & Wire

No matter what kind of sign you use, you need a sign stake. Sign stakes allow you to display signs for your customers. Western Steel & Wire offers a reusable H Frame sign stake that is easy to install and move around when necessary. This stake will help you get the most out of your displays. Use this as an elegant and attractive way to advertise your business. These stakes are very easy to use as you simply need to push them into the ground.

Western Steel & Wire Reusable H Frame Sign Stake W Rounded Ends & Angled Tip

The H Frame sign stake can be the ideal stake for your next project. It is made with high carbon steel for long life and durability.

This versatile sign stake is great for outdoor applications including lawn signs, real estate, yard sale signs, directional signs, event or wedding signs, and more!

This stake features galvanized coating with rounded ends and angled tips. The steel is coated with a rust-resistant zinc coating that protects it from the elements, allowing you to reuse your stake over and over again. This sign holder comes with rounded ends that will not tear or damage your sign. It also has angled ends that allow it to be inserted easier into the hardest of ground.

The combination of these features makes this product ideal for holding your lawn signs outside during all weather conditions.


Holds corrugated signage

The H Frame sign stake is specifically designed for use with all standard 4 mm or 5 mm corrugated plastic signs.

It is a heavy-duty sign holder that provides a sturdy, all-weather base for your outdoor advertising. It has a versatile design that allows you to display almost any size or type of sign, including A-frames, sandwich boards, channel letters, and more.


We believe that the Western Steel & Wire Reusable H Frame sign stake is a good product for any individual or business interested in mounting quick, impactful signs. The staking is simple and effective, and the stakes are reusable and easily removed.

The design of the H Frame sign stake makes this stake ideal for promoting outdoor events or businesses that display their products outside. Overall, it’s a good investment for most personal or business needs. Even if you’re not the entrepreneur-type, the H Frame sign stake still has a lot of uses and you can benefit from these in different ways.

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