How To Make Your Home Insulation Permanently Secure

Buying a home? Or planning to add insulation in your attic or crawl space? Insulation offers plenty of benefits such as reducing your energy bills, making your home comfortable by decreasing noises, and many more. But one big question mark comes to mind when considering home isolation; how to make your home insulation permanently secure?

Insulation supports are a fast and easy solution to keep your insulation from falling. Insulation can be expensive and time-consuming so it’s significant to get it done right the first time. The best way to treat your insulation is to prevent it from falling.

How do Insulation Supports Work?

The main function of insulation support is to hold the insulation against the wood so that it can do its job. When you have loose fiberglass insulation, the material loses its R-value over time. Loose fiberglass acts as an air gap, which allows heat to move through it easily.

This applies to all types of insulation, including cellulose, blown-in fiberglass, or foam boards. The more air you can get by your insulation, the less effective it becomes. The goal is to have a snug fit between the insulation and the studs so that there are no gaps for air to sneak through.

Chances are you’ve noticed that some areas of your house are colder than others. This is because those areas with poor insulation are likely to be cold spots within your walls. Insulation supports help fight against this by keeping the material in place and making sure it fits snugly against the wall studs.

Insulation supports are a simple way to secure fiberglass or cellulose insulation in your attic. The support will stop the material from falling and causing a safety hazard. The supports are made of high carbon steel with high tensile strength.¬† Overall length is 1/2″ less than over center joist spacing. Each support has an angle cut on both ends that allow the stake to be inserted into the support beam to hold the stake in place.

Easy to install

After you have determined the best location, you can move on to choosing your type of insulation support. For 24″ on center support beams, select the 24″ insulation support and for 16″ on center support beams, select the 16″ insulation supports. The installation process is quick and easy. When installing batts or rolls of insulation below a floor or in a ceiling above, the standard is to space the insulation support 36 inches apart. The wire supports should be fastened across the batt of insulation and tightly attached to the support beams. For an extremely steep roof, 36-inch spacing may allow sagging of roll insulation so it is recommended to space the support 24 inches or even closer. There is a lot of YouTube videos on the web that goes into more installation detail.

Bottom Line

Home insulation projects are effective at reducing energy costs by keeping out drafts, noise, and cold air during the winter months. It also keeps out hot air during the summer months. Installing insulation supports is an important step in making your insulation project last many years to come.


The most important aspect is selecting the right insulation for your climate, which can be done by knowing where you live. What insulation do you need? This will depend on factors like outside temperatures, humidity levels, and how well your house is insulated. To make your home a more comfortable place to live, you need to make an informed decision.

The Western Steel & Wire 16 inch and 24 inch Insulation Support is made of high carbon steel with angle cuts on each end which makes it ideal for use in securing batt or roll insulation. The product is easy to install and affordable to buy with free shipping on Amazon.



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