Keep Your Yard Signs Looking Good with This Simple Trick


Keeping your corrugated plastic yard signs looking their best is important. One way you can do this is by ensuring the base of the sign is well protected from the elements’ effect. Anyone who has ever displayed a corrugated or plastic sign knows that the stakes that hold them up are sometimes the most challenging part.

Now good quality sign stakes are available in the market. These are an excellent option to buy as they are durable and keep your signs in good condition.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Stake

Not only are sign stakes inexpensive and durable, but they also allow you to display a sign in areas where a wall or post is not possible. For example, you can put a stake in the ground near the entrance of your parking lot for an event, or on the edge of a field for a big sale.

You can find sign stakes in any size that will fit your signs, but it’s best to select one size for all of them so they look uniform. The H Frame sign stake design can accommodate most yard signs and is the most popular sign stake on the market. It comes in various lengths and widths but is identified primarily by two vertical wires attached with two horizontal wires.

How Easy is it to Install?

Installation is easily completed by sliding the sign stake directly into the fluting of the corrugated plastic sign. Then either using both hands on either side of the top vertical wire to press the frame into the ground OR press your foot down on the bottom horizontal wire, pressing the frame into the ground.

Installing a sign with a stake can be easy if you get the right stake. The H Frame sign stakes from Western Steel & Wire have rounded ends and angled tips. The rounded ends allow for easier and faster insertion into signage and prevent damage to signage during insertion so signage can be reused over and over. The angled tips allow for easier and faster ground insertion and minimize breakage and bending of welded step wire during ground. Western Steel & Wire H Frame sign stakes are made from #9 Galvanized, Hard Tensile Wire for rigidity and zinc coating for protection against rust & corrosion which allow frames to be reused over and over. Western Steel & Wire H Frames work well with 4 mm or 5 mm corrugated plastic signs.


A sign stake is a simple way to display your signs without fear of damaging or ruining them. Since it’s so affordable, you can buy a few and figure out which one you like best.

The H Frame Sign Stake by Western Steel & Wire is perfect for outdoor signage that requires water resiliency, maximum visibility and ease of use.

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