Western Steel & Wire supplies premium Black Annealed wire, made from BOF steelmaking that is pure, no scrap, with minimal impurities for consistent and minimal variation in tensile that is softer, with excellent bendability and resistance to breakage. This results in less labor time and less wrist injuries, i.e., carpal tunnel. The majority of wire sold in the US is EAF with up to 100% scrap. This wire is also Clean and Dry, no oil, so nothing rubs off on your hands during handling. This material is an excellent choice for tie wire.

Western Steel & Wire is the only known source for this material

BOF Black Annealed is available in #6 thru #20 gauge. Gauges #6 – #8 is heavier wire, provided in continuous coils and used in applications such as wire art and castings. Gauges #9 – #12 are provided in 100 lb. coils, excellent for the scaffolding industry. Gauges #14 – #20 are provided in coils as well as 5 lb. spools; excellent for the exposition industry and 25 lb. spools, used in the merchandise and display industry. The 5 lb. spools are available in either plastic or metal spools. The metal costs a little extra, but it is recommended as historically we have had customer feedback that their technicians often drop the plastic spool, breaking the plastic and causing the wire to disperse everywhere and then scrapping the wire. Western Steel & Wire also provides this Black Annealed BOF wire in 3.5 lb. coils or Caltie wire, gauges #15 – #20, used primarily in the construction industry, i.e., securing rebar. The #16 Black Annealed Tie Wire, 3.5 lb. Coil and the #16 Black Annealed, 5 lb. spools are sold on Amazon but can also be purchased directly thru Western Steel & Wire.


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