Western Steel & Wire will Make it Easy to Buy Bare Wire

What is Bare Wire?

Bare wire or uninsulated wire, is the most basic form of wire. It’s simply a single strand of round metal, without any kind of covering or insulation. Bare wire is used in many applications such as artificial Christmas trees and garland, mandrels for making stents, securing scaffolding, vineyard grape trellis, securing rebar, artwork. It comes in many different gauges and types of material, which can be confusing for those who don’t work with it on a daily basis. The friendly and knowledgeable folks at Western Steel & Wire will take the time to work with you to ensure that the bare wire you buy from them will meet your requirements for your specific application.

Where do you Find a Good Source of Bare Wire?

So you’ve decided to you need some bare wire. No problem. A number of companies sell it, but Western Steel & Wire is one of the best known and oldest companies in the business. You can buy wire from them directly via email, phone, their website, or from Amazon.

You can Trust Western Steel & Wire

Western Steel & Wire has been in the industry for more than 80 years. Their experience and supply chain relationships allows them to offer their customers with the best deals and products available in the market today. They only sell the highest quality materials and they make sure they do not sacrifice quality for price.

Western Steel & Wire is an industry leader in steel wire products and services for the building, consumer, and industrial markets. Due to their expertise in the steel wire industry, they are able to offer you the largest variety of products & services available anywhere. Whether you need music wire for your mandrel medical project or galvanized steel wire for your new construction project, Western Steel & Wire is there for you.


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