Stainless Steel Wire for Dummies: Product Guide

At Western Steel & Wire, we supply two types of stainless steel wire: Stainless Steel Spring Wire and Stainless Steel Annealed Wire.

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Stainless Steel Spring Wire:

  • Cold drawn
  • High tensile strength
  • Magnetic
  • Good corrosion and heat resistance
  • Long lifespan under extreme conditions
  • Springs back into shape when used
  • Used for automotive springs, medical instruments, electronics, any project that requires sturdy material that, once molded, won’t lose shape under stress

Stainless Steel Annealed Wire:

  • Heat treated and drawn to set diameter and/or shape
  • Reduces stress of shaping through heat
  • Softest and most malleable of stainless steel wire
  • Good corrosion and heat resistance
  • Used for ties, woven wire, fencing, jewelry and art, any project that requires a lot flexibility to shape wire into various forms

Stainless Steel Spring Wire Coating Options

Coating Type Features Applications and Uses
Soap Coated Non-metallic coating

Creates ease of drawing with 2 step process

Least expensive options

Lubricant for spring

Used in application where handling the wire to mold and shape

Bright Coated Non-metallic coating


Creates shine and luster

When visual aesthetic is high importance

Often used in medical


Stainless Steel Spring and Annealed Wire Grade Options for High Strength

Grade Cost Strength Corrosion resistance Features Applications & Uses
T302 MED MED MED Good strength and toughness at cryogenic temperatures

Resistant to corrosion and oxidation

Most common spring grade

Example applications: compression springs, tension spring, torsion spring and coil spring

T304 MED LOW to MED MED Softer than T302

Easier to form

Oxidation resistant

High melting point with tensile strength tradeoffs

Susceptible to pitting

Annealed conditions for fasteners

Easy to clean and sanitize

Example applications: auto moldings and trim, wheel covers, kitchen equipment and appliances

T316 HIGH LOW HIGH Incredible corrosion properties

High amounts of chromium and nickel

High melting point

Used when wire will be exposed to salts and chlorides

Example applications: marine parts, chemical equipment, outdoor electrical

T17-7 HIGH HIGH MED High strength

General purpose corrosion resistance

Excellent fatigue properties

Comparable to T304

Similar uses as T302 but at a higher strength

Example applications: compression springs, tension spring, torsion spring and coil spring

Download our Stainless Steel Product Guide.

For more detail, visit the Design Guidelines for the Selection and Use of Stainless Steel

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