Stainless Steel Wire for Dummies: Buying Guide

On the surface, stainless steel wire seems simple – it’s a mixture of metals that creates a strong, corrosion and heat resistant product used all over the world in industries of all kinds. However, if you’re new to purchasing stainless steel wire, you quickly realize your options are abundant.

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Let’s cover the basics of stainless steel wire.

Know Your Needs, Goals, and End Use

Stainless steel wire can be purchased in so many different shapes, coatings, and strengths that it can be overwhelming to shop. Before setting out to purchase, it’s important to have clear needs, goals, and end use in mind as that will help you narrow down your options.

Needs are driven by function. When purchasing stainless steel wire, you will have to determine clear needs and which of those are required versus nice to have.

  • Do you need a tight tolerance?
  • Do you need it to be resistant to corrosives?
  • Do you need it to be flexible or rigid?

Goals are driven mostly by price, but may also include things like sustainability. Your goals may relate to your particular end use, or they may relate to your business.

  • Is your goal to purchase from a one-time supplier or build a vendor relationship?
  • Is your goal to have the highest quality or the lowest cost?

End use is a combination of needs and goals, but includes application and scenarios of application.

  • Will your wire be purchased and resold as finished goods?
  • Will your wire be handled or seen frequently by everyday consumers?
  • Will your wire products be used to differentiate your business from competition?

Walking through needs, goals, and end use questions is a great exercise to help you better navigate your stainless steel wire options. From there, your supplier (hopefully Western Steel & Wire) can present products tailored to you – including coatings and grades – and help you weigh the benefits of each.

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