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Steel Demand Forecast 2022 & 2023

Steel demand in 2021 rose to 1.83 billion mt or 2.7%, recovering from a worldwide pandemic stronger

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Wire Pricing Update, Q3, Q4 2022

So where do we see wire pricing for the rest of Q3 and Q4, 2022? From all indications, the wire market is softening.


Western Steel & Wire Commitment to Stay in California

According to Forbes, from Jan 2018 to June 2021, 265 business headquarters have relocated...

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Amended TCE Ocean Freight Calculations

S&P Global Platts is the commodity arm of the parent company S&P Global. Platts is a provider

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Steel Imports Up 43% in 2021

According to the Census Bureau data released in February 2022, the American Iron and Steel Institute...


Russian Oil Ban Impact on Availability, Market, Fuel Prices

President Biden banned oil imports from Russia over the War in the Ukraine on March 8, 2022...


What is P.I.E.?

P.I.E. stands for Price In Effect. As many of you are finding out, when you go to purchase material you are getting quotes that say PIE. If material is not in inventory,...


Wire Pricing Update

Where do we see wire pricing and lead times for the end of Q2 and beyond? From all indications and research, we see prices and lead time increases.


Intermodal vs. Truck

When shipping to and within the continental US, it is important to consider all the factors


NICKEL UPDATE – 250% Increase

Nickel, used in stainless steel wire and electric-vehicle batteries increased 250% in two days


Stainless Steel Surcharges

The purpose of the surcharge is offset the rapid increase and fluctuating costs of raw materials included in each individual alloy.


Ocean Freight Rate Forecasts for 2022

Ocean freight charges have reflected difficulties with lack of limited container...

Q1 2022 Metal Pricing in a Volatile Market

The market for first quarter 2022 has been volatile and now with the attack on...

Wire Pricing Softening 2nd Qtr 2022 - Postponed; Ukrainian War

On 2/28/2022, we published a blog stating that we expected wire pricing and lead times to stabilize and potentially...


Ocean Freight - Capitalism Extreme?

It appears Ocean freight folks have taken capitalism to extreme.

Wire Pricing Softening 2nd Qtr 2022

We expect wire prices and lead times to stabilize and potentially start to decline beginning the 2nd quarter, 2022.

Cost Drivers for the Steel Industry

So what are the factors involved that are causing this dramatic increase in prices in the steel industry?


Ecommerce or Bust? Part 3: Speed to Market & Customer Service

The world knows it, ecommerce is here to stay and it’s up to businesses to decide how much to invest and what type of strategy to adopt.


Ecommerce or Bust? Part 2: Demands of the Channels

Ecommerce is a complex beast that requires powerful supply chains and involves unique challenges and requirements.


Ecommerce or Bust? Part 1: An Introduction

How should wire suppliers balance ecommerce to give customers the best support, options, and incredible buying experience they deserve?


Things to Know When Buying from Western Steel & Wire

When buying products, whether you are buying them for personal..


Changing Demand: A Glimpse at a U.S. Manufacturing Revival

Changes in demand give US Manufacturing business...


Helpful Wire Tips

The Steel Wire Gauge (SWG) chart is used for most steel wire whereas the American Wire Gauge (AWG) chart is commonly...


Wire Spooling

This video shows our spooling machine. This machine can spool, 1 lb. up to 25 lbs., using #14 (.080) to #25 (.0204”) of soft wire. In this...


Why Western Steel & Wire Insulation Supports Are the Best

When installing batt or roll insulation in your crawl space or overhead ceiling...


Western Steel & Wire will Make it Easy to Buy Bare Wire

Bare wire or uninsulated wire, is the most basic form of wire. It’s simply a single strand of round...


Not all Wire is the Same

Western Steel & Wire supplies premium Black Annealed wire, made from BOF steelmaking that is pure, no scrap, with minimal impurities...


Keep Your Yard Signs Looking Good with This Simple Trick

Keeping your corrugated plastic yard signs looking their best is important. One way you can do...


How To Make Your Home Insulation Permanently Secure

Buying a home? Or planning to add insulation in your attic or crawl space? Insulation offers plenty...

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Buy The Finest Quality Wire From Western Steel & Wire, Experts in Wire

Western Steel & Wire’s mission is to provide you with the finest quality wire, wire services...


5 Reasons to Work with Western Steel & Wire

Western Steel & Wire is the best brand to deal with for any of your uninsulated, wire needs. With their...


How to Choose the Right Wire Supplier for your Industrial or Residential Project

With the right wire supplier, you can make your industrial and residential projects a success!