Western Steel & Wire H Frame Sign Stake W Rounded Ends & Angled Tip, Patent Pending – Each (10, 6 x 30)



Brand Western Steel & Wire
Item Dimensions LxWxH 32 x 10 x 6.5 inches
Style Western

About this item

  • Patent pending Rounded Ends allow for easier and faster insertion into signage and prevent damage to signage during insertion
  • Patent pending Angled Tips allow for easier and faster ground insertion and minimize breakage and bending of welded step wire during ground insertion
  • #9 Galvanized, Hard Tensile Wire for rigidity and zinc coating for protection against rust & corrosion
  • These frames are reusable and work well with 4 mm or 5 mm corrugated plastic signs.



These are our H Frame Sign Stakes with Patent Pending* rounded top ends and angled bottom tips for easy insertion into signage and the ground. All other stakes have straight cut ends which often have burrs and jagged cuts.

A greater force is needed for straight cuts to insert the sign stake into the ground or into the signage. The harder ground makes it almost impossible with a straight cut. A straight cut with burrs and jagged ends can also damage the signage during insertion. The welded cross member is often used to insert the stake into the ground and it can break or bend beyond future use.

Using our H Frame Sign Stakes will allow for easier insertion into the ground and into signage without damaging the signage, allowing the stake to be reused, saving time and money

*Caution: Angled tips are sharp – care should be used when handling the sign stake. Ensure rounded ends are inserted into the signage and angled tips are inserted into the ground.SPECIFICATIONS

  • Galvanized wire, Hard, Regular coat per ASTM A641
  • Diameter: #9 (.1483”) +/- .001 in
  • Tensile Strength: >100 ksi
  • Zinc Coating: 25 – 30 g/m2
  • Spot Welds: 500 lbf
  • 45° machined bottom angles
  • 1/8” mechanical rounded top ends

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